Top Habit Tracking Apps For Scholars - Employees


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How well we do in life depends a lot on our habits. Even though it's hard to keep good habits, eliminating bad ones is even harder. Habit tracker apps can make a big difference if you want to change your life. The best apps for building habits help you remember as many habits as you want at different times.

If you keep track of your progress, you'll be more responsible. There are so many apps that it might be hard to choose the best one for tracking habits. This blog talks about some of the most effective habit tracker apps which assist you in keeping up with your plan on the go.

What are habits tracker apps?

Habit tracker apps are a digital way to list habits, get notes, and track how well you do them. It can be tough to maintain track of many habits in a book for a long time and bring it with you everywhere.

You can put habit tracker apps on your phone, use them on the web, or even download them for your Mac, Windows, or Linux device. Websites that track habits can be used on any device, but the best apps are easier to use and update. This helps ensure you don't miss any days because you're too busy.


The Habitify app helps you keep up with your habits by sending you notes and giving detailed reports on your progress each week or month. The design for Habitify is easy to use. You just need to make a list of habits to follow, and the app will put them into groups based on when they are supposed to happen. With Habitify's Today window, you can see the big picture and quickly mark jobs as done to keep your runs going.


Momentum makes it easy to add daily habits and keep track of them. It's one of the best apps for making good habits because it helps you stay on track with beautiful backgrounds and inspiring words. You can look at pictures or words you like and change the panel to fit your needs. You can also look at the weather in your area right now.


The Strides Habit app allows you to set as many notes as you want to keep track of your good and bad habits every day, week, or month. It gives you more than 150 templates to choose from based on the kind of job you're keeping track of. You can look at progress records and maps showing win rates, winning runs, etc.


Habitica lets you put in your daily routine and turns your goals into games to help you reach your goals. As prizes, you get skills, things like pets, and more once you make your character and finish your chores. You can be more responsible if you form teams with your family and friends. This app lets you meet people who share your goals and hobbies.


HabitHub allows you to set or transfer your past habits from other tracking apps. It also lets you sort your habits to track them better. Red, yellow, and green lights show how hourly, weekly, and monthly habits are going. It has a way to tell you things, a button for your home screen, a calendar view for your habits, and even different styles.

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker lets you make easy lists of things to do and keep a record of how you're doing. Home screen widgets let you track your habits immediately without opening the app. Loop Habit Tracker also lets you pause or skip a reminder to do something. You can see how things go monthly through a calendar view, charts, and data measures. You can even send your info to a database or a file so you can look at it later.


Streak is an easy-to-use app that helps you keep track of your habits and sends you notes to do the same. You can choose when you want the message to come. When you finish a job, tap "Yes" in the reminder message. With the run counter, you can find out exactly how long you have been doing an action.


HabitBull is an app that can be changed in many ways and helps you build habits by keeping track of your routine. Some graphs show runs and how often a habit works. You also get words for each type of exercise to keep you going. HabitBull has chat areas where you can get answers to your questions and talk to people who share your interests. HabitBull info can be backed up in the cloud and exported to files.


With the TickTick productivity app, users can make stacked to-do lists and notes, form habits, work with others, and do much more. It also lets you talk instead of a type to put in routines. You can add files to the jobs and use names to sort them. This best free habit tracker app works with Outlook, Google Calendar, and other third-party planners to give you a clear picture of your habits.

Productive Habit Tracker

With the help of smart prompts, the Productive Habit Tracker app helps you build good habits and break bad ones. It is among the best apps for building habits. It has a nice design with customizable settings. In the tracker for good habits, you can add jobs with various hues and icons. Depending on the time of day, this app for building good habits lists jobs that need to be done. Data lets you see how far you've come and keep yourself going.


HabitShare is a habit-forming app that puts privacy first and makes you more accountable by letting you share your habits with your friends. Friends can send texts with encouraging GIFs to keep each other going. You can make viewing your habit plans on different devices easy by syncing them with HabitShare. In addition, notes, charts, and streaks help you stay apprised of your progress in HabitShare.


SnapHabit makes it easy to plan habits for every day, every week, or on certain days. Each habit can have a picture and a note added to it. Graphs and lines can help you keep track of how you're doing with a variety of habits. You can also stay in touch with your friends by sharing plans, photos, and texts. This will help you be more responsible.

The Done App

The Done App is a simple and beautiful way to keep track of several habits you do every day. The app has alerts, scores, and the ability to set goals. The Done App also gives you full data about your progress in time and keeps track of your runs.


Websites and apps that track your habits can be wonderful if you keep going. You can start with any of the apps already listed, based on which ones work with your device.