Top 5 Benefits Of A Secure File Transfer


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55% of companies worldwide now offer flexible or mixed work. Half the employees use their devices, like computers and iPhones, to view work info. They use more than one device: In 2019, workers used an average of three gadgets, and it is expected that by 2024, they will use at least four.

Many companies changed how they employ technology to get work done because of the rise of online and mixed work and the use of more devices. Tools for chat, email, and file sharing, as well as access to cloud-based systems and internal networks from multiple platforms and devices, are now used to help workers interact and work together to be productive from anywhere.

With these changes in the digital workplace, businesses must also figure out how to protect themselves from new security risks. For example, workers who work from home may connect to computers through insecure networks like public Wi-Fi. This makes things like data theft, ransomware, and bugs more likely.

Even when workers work from offices, companies are still at risk for hacking, which can happen during normal tasks like file transfers. The Insider Data Breach Survey, 2021 from Egress found that 94% of organizations had insider data breaches in 2020. The average cost of data theft worldwide in 2020 was $3.86 million. Companies need private file sharing to do business safely and securely.

Top 5 Advantages of Using Secure File Transfer

Many businesses use solutions like WinZip Enterprise, which lets users share, compress, and protect files through a simple interface to move files safely. Employees can send files to one or more places, knowing that the data is safe because it is encrypted with military-grade security.

1. Lower risk of hacking.

Cyberattacks can involve getting at things while being sent from one place to another. Since the number of breaches keeps increasing, this is a real worry for companies. By September 2021, the overall number of data breaches for the year had already topped the number for all of 2020 by more than 17%.

Cyberattacks also increased by 27% that same year, and when online work was involved, it cost companies an average of $1 million more. Using AES-256 encryption, WinZip Enterprise protects data both while it's in motion and while it's at rest. Even if hackers get into your files, they won't be able to read the protected data. This will protect your info and the data of your clients or buyers.

2. Lessened data loss.

Data loss is one thing that could happen if a hack leads to data theft. This is the data loss or change that was not wanted or planned. It includes changing data to make it impossible to reach or read. With safe corporate file sharing, information is secured and password-protected. This keeps would-be attackers from changing or deleting data and ensures that data files that could fall into the wrong hands are always correct.

3. Improved cooperation with regulations.

Depending on your business, you may have to follow strict rules about accessing, storing, and sharing data. Since the banking, health care, and insurance businesses deal with private information, they all have rules about sharing and accessing data.

This includes sharing files and the protection that goes with them. HIPAA also covers insurance companies and other third parties. Each organization must protect itself from known and unknown threats that could give private or personally identifying information to people who shouldn't have it.

4. Tools that make it easy to plan moves and backups.

Most enterprise-level file-sharing software has tools like setting backups that make sure files are saved up in another place or place. This makes it less likely that data will be lost in case of a hack. Backups additionally protect data from things like storms and fires that happen naturally.

These events could damage or destroy computers and on-site storage systems. 50% of companies that lost data because of a natural accident immediately went out of business. Setting up times for backups, checks, and file moves can also help your group run better. When you don't have to check your data by hand, you can pay more attention to the jobs at hand.

5. Greater power for IT managers.

With WinZip Enterprise, the IT department of your company has access to powerful reporting and analytics tools that let them track usage. These tools are very easy to change, so IT managers can make the file-sharing system fit the unique security needs of your business.

IT and management can also learn more about how and why your company uses storage and what it needs. This knowledge can be very important when making decisions about technology, like that new cloud-based system to buy to store data.