The Best Online Software For Converting PDF To Excel


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PDF is one of the most common file forms businesses use to send and receive papers, contracts, reports, and other files. But the PDF file might not be the best way to show tabular and statistical data well. In that case, you can use the best PDF-to-Excel translator online to turn the PDF file into an Excel chart that you can change.

Using PDF to Excel conversion software, you can easily take data from PDFs, change their style, reduce their size, and show all the statistical information. These tools can also help you remove private information from PDFs, password-protect them, and turn copied PDFs into Excel sheets.

Many PDF to Excel Converter Software tools can turn your PDFs into Excel worksheets. You can also use them to change the file size of PDFs, add a password to protect them, and do a lot more with them. Here are some of the best Excel to PDF tools to think about:


PDF2Go has tools like joining PDFs, bulk conversion, cross-category conversion, etc., that let users change and convert PDF files. It also lets you email changed files to other people.

PDF2Go Features

Converting PDF to various forms, such as Excel

PDFs can be cut, merged, and edited.

Change files from one type to PDF

Compresses PDF files for the web.

PDF Converter

PDF Converter makes it easy for users to make PDF papers and turn them into Excel, Word, JPEG, or PNG files, or vice versa. It is the finest free PDF to Excel tool for reducing papers, making and changing PDF passwords, and turning e-books into PDFs.

PDF Converter Features

Easy conversion of several file types

It uses 256-bit SSL security to keep things safe.

Files can be shrunk without losing quality.

Combining and separating PDF pages

Sort and rearrange the papers


Investintech is a tool for changing PDF tables into properly organized Excel sheets that are easy to update and change. It also keeps your PDF files safe with RSA keys that are 2048 bits long and SHA-256 protection.

Investintech Features

You can change more than 100 PDF tables to Excel in one minute.

Changes PDFs to other forms in bulk

OCR was used to pull data from a scanned PDF.

Copy the exact cell style and arrangement to Excel.


The PDF to Excel Conversion Online from SmallPDF makes it easy to turn the data in PDF files into Excel worksheets. With it, you can turn several scanned files into Excel files that can be edited and share documents by linking to them.

SmallPDF Features

PDF files can be shrunk without losing quality.

Use a password to keep your PDFs safe

Online, you can view, print, and share PDFs

Join and separate files

By scanning documents, new documents can be made.

Wondershare PDF Element

Wondershare PDFElement is a PDF editor that makes it easy to change, add to, convert, share, sign, and modify PDF files. It also has an OCR feature that lets you turn copied PDF files into others like Excel, Word, etc.

Wondershare PDFElement Features

Multiple forms can be changed to PDF.

Changes many PDFs at once

Make sure that the files are converted well.

It needs a password to protect the item.

It helps hide information from files.

TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR

TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR lets people change PDF files into other forms like Word, Excel, Pictures, etc., and vice versa. The advanced OCR makes it easy to turn copied PDF files into editable Excel and Word documents.

TalkHelper Features

Changes Excel, Word, JPEG, and other documents into PDF files.

Changes PDF files into Word, Excel, or PNG files

Help convert between 46 languages

PDF pages can be cut, copied, and joined.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

You can turn different file types into PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. With it, you can turn MS Office files into PDFs that can be shared, change the style and fields, turn HTML pages into PDFs, add an e-signature to PDFs, and do a lot more.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Features

PDF files that require a password

Changes scanned papers into PDFs that can be searched.

Supports redact for taking private information out of files

Checks if the PDFs are compliant.


UniPDF lets you change PDF files to other forms, such as JPG/TIFF/GIF, HTML web pages, plain text files, etc., in a high-quality way. With it, you can turn multiple documents at once without changing the text, style, layout, or pictures.

UniPDF Features

Splits and joins different PDFs.

Supports sharing files through email. Supports adding notes to documents.

Spreadsheets you make can be moved around and changed.

HiPDF PDF to Excel Converter

HiPDF PDF to Excel Converter is one of the best PDF to Excel converters that makes it easy to convert, join, compress, and add a label to your PDF files. You can change your PDFs into other forms and password-protect them to keep them safe.

HiPDF Features

Allows scanned PDFs to be turned into Excel files

Changes photos into papers

Separates a PDF into multiple parts

It uses a password to protect the PDF.

PDF redaction is supported so private information can be removed from any PDF.


iLovePDF makes it easy to convert, join, split, compress, and add watermarks to PDFs. Also, iLovePDF makes it easy to change PDFs into and out of Excel tables. This tool can also be used to add serial numbers to PDFs by changing the fonts, sizes, and places.

iLovePDF Features

Changes scanned PDFs into usable Excel sheets

Sorts and sets up your PDF files.

Documents are scanned to be converted.

Makes sure that data from damaged PDFs can be recovered.

It helps turn HTML pages into PDF files.


The most effective PDF-to-Excel conversion program makes it easy for users to move the tabular data in a PDF file into an editable Excel worksheet. So, it's easier to put statistical data correctly so that spreadsheets can be used to analyze it further.