The 6 Best Watermark Removers for PDF in 2023


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Are you tired of reading a PDF with watermarks on every page? Do you want to change the original watermarks, or do you no longer require any watermarks in your PDF? You need a PDF watermark eraser if you want to get rid of and remove watermarks from PDFs, no matter why.

A PDF stamp is a text or picture added to the front or back of a PDF file. It shows who owns the rights to the material and keeps other people from taking it without permission. It seems easy to add watermarks to PDFs, but getting rid of them is not easy. There are a few PDF watermark removers that you can download or use online that will help you out.

Right PDF

Right PDF is a free PDF watermark eraser that lets you eliminate watermarks from PDFs for free. You don't have to sign up or download any program to your computer. It works directly in your web browser. The watermark remover can remove all text and picture watermarks from PDFs with one click.

All you have to perform is go to the site, share your PDF, and click the button that says "Remove watermark." The PDF file that was made is free to download and does not have a marking. You can share and process one file at a time online for free with the PDF watermark eraser.

The file size cannot be bigger than 10M. The software site additionally offers tools to add watermarks, turn pages, secure and decrypt PDFs, and add and remove watermarks. The Right PDF, an online watermark eraser, is one of a kind because it lets you share the PDF download link without a logo.

Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF Online is among the most effective online watermark removers for getting rid of text and picture watermarks from a PDF file for free. The PDF watermark cleaner has an easy-to-use layout with options that are easy to understand. To select the watermark remover tool, select the Edit tab, then expand the removal menu and click the second watermark choice.

The web tool also has a feature that lets you change or remove a PDF's background. Besides that, it lets you change, reduce, and join PDFs. The program is also one of the best ways to turn files into PDFs. With Soda PDF Online, you can easily and quickly handle PDF files on any PC, cell phone, or computer. The PDF watermark eraser software is also available as a desktop and paid tool for Windows that can be downloaded for free.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a service that lets you create, change, and share documents in the cloud. It can be used in Google Chrome as a free PDF watermark eraser to eliminate watermarks online. The platform's built-in OCR engine allows you to open and change PDF files.

With this feature, you can remove watermarks from a PDF file when you open it. Even though it might not work perfectly, it is still doable. When you free a PDF in Google Docs, you are able to select the watermarks that didn't get erased immediately and delete them by hand. You can keep the file as a PDF or another when you're done.

PDF Watermark Remover

PDF Watermark Remover is a program that lets you remove PDF watermarks quickly. It used to be an add-on for Chrome, and you can still find it online. The PDF watermark eraser can eliminate any text and scripts in PDF files. It eliminates text, stamps, and picture watermarks in any language.

You may upload PDFs from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. The largest file you can upload to the online PDF watermark remover tool is 5MB. It lets you send multiple PDFs at once to remove watermarks.

The way to eliminate the watermarks or stamps depends on the words you typed about them. You choose "Alternative, If..." from the interface's Remove Method menu best. The online PDF file watermark remover is an excellent option if you don't mind the ads on the site.

PDF Watermark Remover APK

With Rising Apps Solutions' PDF watermark remover app, you can remove stamps and watermarks from PDFs for Android. As the name "PDF Watermark Remover" suggests, it makes it easy to get rid of watermarks that many programs, like CamScanner, add. It can help you eliminate other things from the PDF files you don't want.

SwifDoo PDF

If you want to remove watermarks to PDF files offline and need a PDF watermark eraser, you could use the SwifDoo PDF tool. This program can take text, and picture watermarks out of a PDF. When you open your PDF, choose Protect and Watermark, and then click Delete Watermark, all watermarks are quickly removed. It doesn't change any of the other things in your PDF.

The PDF watermark uninstaller can be downloaded for free in its full form on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and XP. The app can eliminate branding, stamps, signatures, and text. The PDF marking tool of SwifDoo also lets you remove watermarks. The eraser works best when the watermarks are not on top of the text. With a 15-day free trial account, the PDF watermark eraser lets you eliminate watermarks for free.