The Top-Rated 10 Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers


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As the business grows and adds more services, so does its website. So, it's hard to run a growing website on a shared hosting server because there aren't many ways to change the server to meet the needs of running a growing website. So, a private virtual server is a better choice if you want to run your website. Each virtual computer has its virtual resources, such as RAM and bandwidth, CPU power, SSD storage, etc.

So, it will be easy to change the server's resources to meet the website's needs as it grows. This eliminates problems like your server crashing often or your website loading too long because it runs on a private server. If you're looking for among the top VPS server hosting companies, here are some of the best choices based on their offer.


Bluehost has one of the best VPS server hosting plans to help you manage and handle your websites on virtual servers. With it, you can build and handle multiple sites, manage the information on the servers, keep the website domain's privacy, and so on.


DigitalOcean offers a variety of VPS hosting choices so that you can get CPU power at a low cost to manage different projects. It has many virtual machines, called droplets, that can be used for websites, big apps, etc. Users can choose between shared CPU droplets and droplets with their CPUs based on how much storage they need. All of its VMs run on Linux, but users can add their own custom OS for their server with the custom pictures tool.


DreamHost has one of the best VPS hosting services for controlling the server's speed, security, and updates. With it, you can add more RAM to your computer, get high-speed SSD storage, improve website traffic with endless bandwidth, and do much more. Also, with this hosting for a virtual server, you can add as many website names as you want to your virtual server.

InMotion Hosting

UltraStack is the foundation of InMotion Hosting's VPS hosting service, which means that it can offer high-performing and safe virtual hosting servers. Users can easily move their websites to the server, keep track of all the resources on the server, react immediately to DDoS attacks, and so on. This VPS server also has the Brotli Compression tool, which can compress HTTP material to make websites load faster and run better.


LiquidWeb is a company that hosts VPS servers. It helps users monitor their servers and improves their speed with fast SSD storage. It is one of the best VPS hosting services because it gives full control over servers, automated installation and updates of server applications, defense against DDoS attacks, etc. Users have full power over the controlled virtual server when they have root access.


Through having root privileges to the server and control screens, GoDaddy's VPS server hosting gives you the freedom to change the size and speed of the server. This VPS hosting service helps improve the server's speed with NVMe SSDs, sets up the server as needed, and monitors its uptime. It can also help stop DDoS attempts and protect the network.


Hostinger ranks among the best VPS server hosting services because it gives users full root access, which lets them see everything on the server. It can be used to speed up the server with SSD storage, study the network and stop bad things from happening, and keep track of server resources in real-time. With a 100 Mb/s network, the computer is available to users almost 99% of the time.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a hosting service for virtual private servers (VPS), making it easy to handle and scale the server's resources. It offers fast web hosting services, with a hosting speed of 20X. You can also stage websites, protect network traffic, ensure the server is up 99.9% of the time, get regular server changes, and do much more.


Kamatera is the best VPS hosting service because it has great uptime, scaling, and server speed. It can also be used to add more servers to your infrastructure, improve the speed of your applications with load balancers, and protect your servers with security measures.

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting lets users choose between controlled VPS hosting and self-managed VPS hosting. With managed-to-host services, users can get help handling website hosting, giving and growing server resources, and getting rid of bad IP addresses using blocklists.

With it, it's easy to add or remove RAM from your computer, depending on how many resources you need. With Scala self-managed hosting, on the other hand, you can easily add more resources to the server, use NVMe SSD to speed up the server, etc.

Benefits of using VPS Hosting

With VPS hosting, you must have full control over your virtual server, making customization easier. Some other good things about VPS servers are:

VPS makes adding RAM, bandwidth, and other computer resources easy as your website grows.

It lets you run, handle, and manage the computer in every way.

Since your website runs on a private computer, traffic spikes don't affect how well it works.

VPS has fast processors that make the server run faster and eliminate problems like server downtime.

The information stays on the private computer, which helps keep your website's data safe and secure.

It lets you change your server to fit the needs of your website.


VPS hosting service is better than other hosting services because you can easily change your virtual resources, like RAM or bandwidth, to meet the needs of your website. So, it's a great choice for hosting websites with moderate to the high traffic that need a lot of resources.