7 Of The Best Android Cleaner Apps To Maintain A Clean Device


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No matter how clean you try to keep your phone, the background will likely get messy. This means that if you don't get rid of old files on your phone, it will get slower over time. So, you should always clean up your Android device, which is where an Android cleaner app comes in.

An Android cleaner app helps you improve your phone's speed by optimizing it. It eliminates junk files, temporary files, cache, cookies, and other things that don't belong on your machine. You can also remove multiple apps at once if you need to with Phone Cleaner.

Many Android tools can help you clear cache, junk files, stop apps, and eliminate useless data. In this piece, we list the best cleaner apps for Android that we like.

7 Best Cleaner Apps for Android to Speed Things Up

There are many cleaner apps for Android on Play Store, but not all of them work as well as they say they will. Let's find out about some of the best cleaning apps for Android that will make your phone run better.

CCleaner: Cleans and speeds up your computer

CCleaner, owned by Avast, makes your computer fast and safe by putting together a lot of tools to clear cache and copy the content, handle apps, and get rid of unnecessary data. Some tools are Defraggler, which can help you organize your hard drive and free up a room, and Recuva, which can help you find lost files. And Speccy, which can be used to study the hardware.

Price: A free demo version of CCleaner Professional is offered. The professional version costs INR 890 for one year and one computer, while the professional plus version costs INR 1290 for one year and up to three computers.

Avast Cleanup: Junk Cleaner

Avast Cleanup is a good app for Android that cleans up junk and has unique features like a tool to get rid of bugs. This tool helps you eliminate useless files and programs slowing down your computer. Also, it has a mode called "hibernation" that lets you put apps to sleep when you aren't using them.

Avast Cleanup also has a power saver to help your phone's battery last longer. To improve your phone's speed even more, the app looks through your picture library for blurry or similar photos. This keeps your gallery looking neat.

Price: The Android-only version of Avast Cleanup is free and can be used on one phone or computer. The paid version starts at INR 1199 per year for ten devices, including Windows, Mac OS, and Android OS. There is also a free version that you can try for 30 days.

Files by Google: Easy to clean up and quick to browse

Files by Google is an official Android app that helps you handle your phone. It frees up room on your phone and tells you how to clean up useless apps or low-quality movies. It also makes it easier to find files by letting you browse them quickly, and it lets you share files offline with people nearby. Files by Google also lets you back up files to Google Drive or any other cloud storage app.

Price: Files by Google is a free app that you can use to clean up your Android phone.

AVG Cleaner: Cleans Up Junk

AVG Cleaner for Android makes your phone or tablet run faster by finding and getting rid of junk files and any other apps or files you don't need. It constantly checks and cleans your SD card and phone's internal memory to keep it running at its best. Also, if you pay for the app, you get a unique menu that makes it easy to access the tools you use most often. AVG Cleaner has other tools like an automatic cleaner, a photo enhancer, etc.

Price: The AVG cleaner app for Android is free to download. But the pro tools are free for the first 30 days and can be bought anytime through the app.

One Booster: Delete unnecessary apps

One Booster is a must-have Android cleaner tool because it speeds up your mobile devices by removing old or useless files and app caches with just one click. It even removes apps you don't need that use up your battery. This app's smart power saver works the same way as other cleaner apps for Android.

Price: Free to download, but you can buy things inside the app.

Smart Cache Cleaner: Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner is another Android phone cleaner that helps your Android device run better by removing junk files, clearing caches, and cleaning and improving storage space. The app's energy saver is another feature that stands out. It finds apps that drain the battery and closes them when not used. This lowers CPU usage. Image Manager Master is another part of Nox Cleaner. It looks at your gallery and sorts the pictures into different groups to avoid having the same files twice.

Price: Free to download, but you can buy things inside the app.

All in One Toolbox: Junk Cleaner

All in One Toolbox is a good way to speed up your computer, free up room, protect your privacy, get the most out of your memory, and do other things. It gives you tools like a history eraser, junk cleaner, speed booster, power enhancer, and file manager to ensure your Android phone works as well as possible. Also, this app lets you get rid of junk files with just one tap, which speeds up your phone. With the All in One Toolbox, users can free up anywhere from 1GB to 10GB of the room daily.

Price: All the Tools in One Box It's a free app that cleans up your Android. The pro version costs INR 1271.05, which is a one-time payment. After that, you can use the app for the rest of your life.


Clearing out your phone is always a good idea to ensure it works well. All of the above apps do help you clean up your device, which improves its speed, extends its battery life, and gets rid of junk files.